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Best recipes with Oat Milk

Oat milk is the trendy and healthy alternative to your regular milk, which has changed the whole concept of having milk. It has become incredibly popular in a few years owing to its fantastic taste and health benefits. Some endless reasons support your decision to love this plant-based milk, whether you’re relishing its creamy taste in your coffee, smoothie, or oatmeal. It’s nut-free, which is why it’s a preferred allergy-friendly choice. Its deliciously creamy taste is wildly similar to real-deal dairy. Anyone can buy oat milk online in India.


From making chocolate chips to the dairy-free cheese sauce, this alt-dairy beverage is making its way into everything. All those who have tasted it know why. If you want to be one of them, here are some reasons to prefer oat milk to make delicious recipes. 


You can Buy Oat milk online in India for several reasons like:


It Has a Neutral Flavour

Oat milk has a sweet and nutty flavour that mixes well in unique recipes, especially for coffee and medicines. Its oats-like taste makes it quite comforting and familiar for many.   


It Has a ‘Frothy’ Texture

With a unique starchy and sturdy texture, oat milk is easy to whip up and produce froth for foam or latte art (associated with coffee lovers). 


It Is More Eco-Friendly

Dairy milk is supposed to produce greenhouse gas emissions which oat milk precisely does not. It requires less water and land and produces fewer greenhouse gas emissions than dairy milk. Other alternatives like almond milk have fallen out of favour due to its massive water use.


It’s Allergen-Friendly

Oat milk is known to be allergen-friendly as it’s soy-free, nut-free, seed-free and dairy-free, making it an excellent school-safe option for allergic people. 


Here ALT CO. compiles a selection of top eight recipes that use oat milk 


Trying them at home will make you enjoy your favourite treats using this alternative of dairy milk. The oat milk used in these recipes can either be a store-bought version. However, you can also make oat milk at home. 


Oat milk French toast recipe– this is a delicious dish that most people like to make with eggs. For vegans, flax eggs are good to add.

Chocolate oat milk recipe -  No more worries about leaving your chocolate drink if you have a milk allergy. Try chocolate oat milk without paying attention to several allergies.


Oat milk rice pudding recipe- this is purely vegan friendly and a slow-cook recipe with all healthy ingredients like rice, jaggery, dry fruits, etc.


Oat milk London fog cake recipe– It’s an easy one-pan cake recipe made of oat milk that doesn’t need any frosting once cooked. It looks tempting when dusted with powdered sugar before serving. For the tea flavour, this recipe is recommended.


Oat Milk Mac’ n Cheese Gratin recipe– With its neutral flavour and creamy texture, try to make mac and cheese using oat milk. 


Oat milk honey latte recipe– it’s quite tasty, and pocket-saving as the taste exactly resembles the same you may have tried from a renowned brand. A pinch of cinnamon will add a little more flavour. 


Fluffy vegan oat milk pancakes recipe– try making pancakes using oat milk, which is ideal for Sunday breakfast. You can top these pancakes with anything maple syrup, berries, and whipped cream.


Oat milk ice cream recipe- this is rich in taste, smooth and creamy in texture, just like any good ice cream. Your family won’t believe that it’s made with only three ingredients and doesn’t contain any cream or refined sugar.


Take good care of your loved ones; try these recipes and some amazing ones already available at ALT CO. 

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