INDIA's Favorite Alternative

Oats are an unmatched superfood, and we get that. And the earth is the only planet that has oats, we understand that too. Keeping sustainability at its core, Alt Co. helps you make easy, affordable, and healthy choices by producing high-quality, plant-based dairy. We want you to help us help the planet, without compromising on taste.

With a world that’s constantly evolving, we tend to switch to alternatives – ones that are healthier and sustainable. We’re an alt-dairy brand that’s better tasting, better for you and better for the planet. Be it procuring first-rate oat grain, or packaging in a way that it reaches you, and then back to the earth, Alt Co. believes in settling for no compromise when it comes to quality. We want to help you orchestrate the changes you’ve been wanting to make, and make each day for you better. Be it by topping up your morning coffee, livening up your cereal, or brightening up your mood with an ice-cream.

A venture by white lotus food labs Pvt Ltd


Basan Patil


Rithwik Ramesh

Co Founder
sumair altco

Sumair Sachdev

Chief Operating Officer

Rohit Kalro

Chief Marketing Officer

Sasha Jairam

Advisory Board / Leadership