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Best Dairy-Free Milk in India

Consuming dairy-free milk in India is no more a fresh concept. Now many people are used to it. This is like a boon to the vegans, which has skyrocketed its demand in the past few years. People who cannot consume dairy milk for any reason like lactose intolerance, animal welfare aspect, sustainability or just a simple switch can switch to plant-based dairy milk.


If you are one of that choice-focused people, today, you have many more choices in plant-based and dairy-free milk in India. There is more than a dozen of different types of milk, from oats to coconut, available online in India. Tons of other brands are putting out their multiple products.


All the leading brands supplying the best dairy-free milk are good to consider. However, finding the best dairy-free milk brand for your tastes and preferences is no more difficult.


That’s why Alt CO. presents this list to make you aware of the five healthiest, purest, and most nature-friendly dairy-free milk in India.


Almond Milk


This milk is the best option for vegans having lactose intolerance tastes. It is ideal to consume with cereals with its rich nutty, and crunchy taste. Nutritionally, there is a significant difference between almond milk and other alt-milk options. It is naturally rich in antioxidants and Vitamin E, which keeps skin and hair healthy and adds to immunity strength. If you are calorie conscious and a fitness freak, go for the varieties of almond milk online available at ALT CO., with 40% fewer calories than skimmed dairy milk.


Oat Milk


Loaded with fibres, oat milk is highly nutritious with a slightly sweet taste and a thin consistency. There are sufficient vitamins like calcium, vitamin D, and riboflavin which help keep your eyes and skin healthy. As per recent research, consuming oats religiously can have an incredible impact on gastrointestinal problems. This beverage, either in simple or added form, helps control cholesterol levels in the body. It is created with a creamy texture and warming taste, perfect for your morning breakfasts.


Soy Milk


Soy milk is one of India’s most preferred and affordable dairy-free milk. Usually a legume-based drink, the only plant-based milk alternative holding the same protein level as cow’s milk. As we take care of nutritional values, the soy milk with us is as nutritionally adequate as cow’s milk. Soy milk at Alt Co. is fortified with calcium and vitamins like B12, B2, D, and A. We make soy milk recipes in different flavours like vanilla, chocolate, and cranberry, to name a few.


Cashew Milk


With a nutty taste, many believe cashew milk is the best dairy-free milk in India. It is used in so many dishes and baking. The fat in cashew milk is unsaturated, mainly suitable for those with high cholesterol levels. Cashew milk contains significantly less amount of carbohydrates per cup. Hence, it makes itself the best used in coffee and as a thickener in lattes.


Coconut Milk

Last but not the least option to add to the list of best dairy-free milk in India is, Coconut milk. It is an excellent choice due to its sweet taste and fresh aroma, hence praiseworthy for cooking. It is widely used not just as drinks with added flavours but in different cuisines, like curries, soups and even ice cream. You can also add it to enhance the taste of your coffee everyday.


When you pick one of the plant-based vegan milk in India at ALT CO., you need not worry about the nutritional content. All the varieties of dairy-free milk are fortified with all the essential nutrients to make it a perfect substitute for regular, dairy-based milk.

Get your pack of value in any of the varieties now!

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