Why do people drink vegan milk?

The count of people preferring vegan milk is mounting day by day due to several excellent reasons. 

  • Milk is usually produced at cruel factory farms, produced from miserable animals kept under extreme confinement.
  • The dairies considering themselves on good animal welfare inevitably send cows to slaughter to stop the cruelty.
  • Dairy-based milk is full of lactose, a form of sugar that is poorly digested by most people of Asia and Africa.
  • People often report that congestion, acne, and digestive problems spontaneously resolve after they stop consuming regular milk.
  • The dairy industry is a prime source of methane gas, a greenhouse gas seven times more potent than carbon dioxide.

With all these factors considered, it’s no wonder that cow’s milk sales are in a tailspin. The sale of vegan milk, also known as plant-based milk, is rising day by day due to some personal reasons as well. 

But the good part is that you are available with lots of vegan milk options from grains, seeds, oats, coconut, rice, etc. Enjoy various vegan drinks made of nutritious plant-based milk with delicious flavour available online at Alt CO.


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