Why do people prefer plant-based milk?

These days, dairy-based milk is not suitable for many due to many reasons. This is why they look for a dairy alternative and switch to plant-based milk. Here are some of the specific reasons that make them choose plant-based milk or vegan milk preferably. 

Milk allergy- this is usually found in kids, which makes them allergic to cow milk. 

Lactose intolerance- people cannot digest lactose, a sugar in milk. This occurs due to a deficiency of lactase, an enzyme that helps digest lactose in humans.

Dietary restrictions- vegans totally discard products from animals, even milk, due to ethical or health concerns.

Potential health risk- some people avoid dairy-based milk and switch to plant-based milk due to concerns over potential contaminants used in dairies like hormones, antibiotics and pesticides. 

If you are concerned about any of these reasons and planning to find the best vegan or plant-based milk drinks, ALT CO. has the full range for you. We have varieties of plant-based milk and some special recipes to give your day an instant energy boost. 

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